A Comprehensive Guide To Asphalt Paving Driveways

One of the things which many people struggle to get right in their homes is their driveways. For most people, the cracked, worn-out driveways in their homes have become an all too familiar state of affairs. If this is the situation which you have found yourself in, then asphalt may be just what you need to pull your driveway together. In fact, asphalt paving driveways are considered to be so much more durable and cheaper than other forms of driveways. What then are asphalt paving driveways?


Asphalt paving is often compared to the materials which are used to make the highways and other connecting roads. Asphalt paving driveways are usually considered to be a mixture of stone and sand. Throw in a little bit of asphalt and you have an asphalt paving. The asphalt which is used is usually heated up to a very high temperature (300 Fahrenheit). This means that the paving work is usually done rather quickly as any delay would mean that the asphalt would solidify before the process is completed.

Asphalt paving driveways v Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is another type of paving which is close to the asphalt paving when it comes to quality. However, there are a number of factors which work in asphalt favor when it comes to choosing one for your driveway. This includes;


When it comes to flexibility, it does not get any better than asphalt. Asphalt is so much less likely to crack so soon than concrete. This is one of the many reasons why many people opt for asphalt instead of using concrete.


One of the greatest benefits or pros of using asphalt is the fact that it is less expensive. Thus, it gives many people the opportunity to use it for their driveways at very cheap prices. This is especially true when it is considered in relation to the prices of concrete.

Winter issues

Another thing which has to be considered is how winter affects it. Asphalt has been proven to last under winter condition when compared to other materials such as concrete. Therefore, if you use winter, you can expect it to withstand the tests of melting ice and rock salt.


When it comes to maintenance such as resurfacing, you would find that this is easy to do especially when you have a sealant with you. However, fixing up your concrete or maintaining it might require that you get a professional to have it fixed.

While asphalt holds the better advantages, some advantages which concrete has over asphalts would include uneven edges that are present in asphalt driveways, the resale value is much higher than asphalts and the growth of plants is hardly possible with the presence of concrete.

The truth is that when it comes to your driveways, most of the decisions which you would have to take would be based on preferences. However, the asphalt paving would seem to be the real deal.