How To Choose an Asphalt Paving Contractor

Having a hard time choosing an asphalt paving contractor the right way? Let’s make that easy!

Such project can be affected by many factors, for instance, choosing the lowest bid may make us feel good regarding the price but disappoint us with the outcome, and for that reason, we are providing you with these tips to help you make the right decision.

Safety First

Insurance is a very important thing when choosing an asphalt paving contractor.
Your contractor should have:

General Liability

This includes bodily injury and others that can occur during the operations, also potential damage of your property.
We should always feel and be protected as much as possible in case of any misfortune, especially if it’s on our property.

Auto Liability

What if an accident occurred and it was your fault for hurting someone or damaging their property?
Well, this one protects you from that, though, it will not cover your own injuries and any damage regarding your property.

Workers Compensation

This insurance provides medical benefits as well as the wage replacement, a coverage for the compensation to the employees in case of any accident happens.

Umbrella Policy

To better comprehend how this one works, here’s an example: If there is an accident and you’re at fault, for instance, an employee is injured or there is a property damage, and your regular insurance isn’t enough because it can cover up to a point which you chose, say $100,000, that’s where this policy kicks in, right where your regular insurance left off.

An asphalt paving contractor should have a minimum of $500,000 per policy coverage.
And it goes without saying, more is better!

Choosing The Right Material

It is very important for us to pick the right material in order to have the best outcome with our asphalt paving project. A big number of companies recycle the asphalt again and again, which after many times can lead to low quality and choosing low-quality material can result in bad look and short lifespan of our asphalt pavement.

As well, you should be careful with what width you choose, that depends on your project though it is best to consult with your asphalt paving contractor.


Asphalt paving equipment can cost a lot, more than one-hundred thousands of dollars. They are so expensive because of how efficient they are and the technology they are made of.

Well maintained machines are important, for the reason that asphalt can cool down fast and we don’t want that equipment breakdown occurring during our paving project (which with some companies can happen oftentimes), that is only going to delay the installation and result in a bad looking asphalt.

You certainly should not hire someone that offers to do your asphalt paving by hand, it will definitely not be the same quality and the asphalt will have a short lifespan.

Equipment Required For Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paver

This machine is used to lay the asphalt flat on the ground.

Road Roller

A vehicle for compacting the asphalt after laying it down with the paver.

Pick-Up Machine

These machines can have up to two functions, as an asphalt paver and to transfer the material.

Spreader Box

The name tells you itself, it cuts down the shoveling volume by generating a smooth track of asphalt.


Protecting and keeping your driveway in a good shape is very significant when it comes to asphalt paving and you can do that by sealing it. Things like oil, gas, salt, too much heat and so on, can damage your driveway and lead to destruction.

Shuttle Buggy

For continuous paving, this is a vehicle that is used for transferring the asphalt to the paver from a truck.

Windrow Elevator

This one is used depending on our project, in the event that there is a long driveway to pave and it is important for it to be completed fast and devoid of any interruptions.

The Number of Employees

Another important factor for an asphalt paving project, depending on how big it is, is whether our contractor has a significant number of workers because if not, that can only delay the completion of the project and having in mind that asphalt can cool down quickly it can result in a bad outcome.
Also, make sure each employee is covered with insurance.